Debbie Levitt

speaker, trainer, voice actor, singer

Genuine, strong, warm, friendly, trustworthy, inspirational, a natural teacher

pic of Deb

Debbie Levitt has been speaking and training since the mid-1990s. Back then, her main topics were HTML and how to stop stealing images off the web.

Currently, her speaking topics focus on UX (user experience), DevOps, improving corporate processes, and entrepreneurship. She is also one of the few trainers recommended by Axure to teach their rapid UX prototyping software.

You would have heard her at eBay’s and PayPal’s late 2000’s Developer Conferences. More recently, she spoke at UXPA, Convey UX, and WeAreDevelopers.

pic of Deb

Voice actress Debbie Levitt specializes in narration, commercials, and singing. Her voiceover sweet spots are technical, instructional, medical, and documentary scripts as well as all types of eLearning.

She is also a singer and arranger with a BA in Music from Tufts University. 

With a production-quality home studio, she can be your one-stop-shop, including editing, production, and mastering. Or she can just be your voice talent, transferring raw files for you to take it from there.

Debbie is currently a Digital Nomad and is only available to record in her home studio.