Debbie Levitt

voice actor, singer, producer

Vocal Bio

Debbie has been singing her whole life. She was the only 7-year-old she knew (in 1979) with an impression of Patti LuPone’s Evita. Her prized possession from ages 4 through 12 was a Dictaphone cassette recorder. She still has the tapes of her many childhood interviews and “radio shows.”

By the time she was a teen, the Dictaphone made Debbie painfully aware of her Nassau County, Long Island accent. She watched a lot of Monty Python and worked hard to pronounce all the letters in a word. She can still summon the old accent on command.

In 1989, she started Tufts University double majoring in chemistry/pre-med and music. After Physics With Calculus, Debbie dumped pre-med and finished with a BA in Music in 1993.

During college, Debbie sang in and music directed the Amalgamates, at the time the only co-ed a cappella group at Tufts. She arranged dozens of songs for male and female voices. She also performed in the Renaissance Music Ensemble, had a variety of mezzo soprano solos with the choir, and was the Sorceress in the school production of Dido and Aeneas.

By the end of college, she had built her first home recording studio. As she’s not too stellar on any instrument, Debbie mostly recorded her own voice over and over and over and over… Taking a few pages from the Todd Rundgren school of layering, Debbie did her own arrangements and sang all the parts into a Tascam 688 MidiStudio.

During summer college breaks, Debbie attended sound engineering school on Long Island, NY. This was back in the days when you plugged cables into patch bays and edited tape with a razor blade. Nowadays, Debbie records in her home studio in her home office in a rural village.

Debbie spent 2016 taking a mountain of voiceover classes in commercial, narration, and character at VoiceOne in San Francisco. She’s known for having a spectrum of diction and articulation from crisp and precise to a bit more casual and conversational where letters aren’t that crisp to the fast-talking, letter-removing Long Island accent.

In addition to voice acting, singing, and production, Debbie works as a UX strategist, designer, and architect. She leads corporate training in UX software and other topics. She is a published O’Reilly author with how-to video courses available for purchase.

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