Debbie Levitt

voice actor, singer, producer

Other Services

Outside of using her voice, you can hire Debbie for other things.

Need something and hoping to get it from a one-stop-shop? Get in touch and tell Debbie about your project.

Audio Editing, Proofing, and Mastering

Are you a voice actor looking for someone to take some work off your plate? You found me!

I have a production quality home studio and can work on your recordings for or with you. I can edit as much (breaths, mouth clicks, room noise) or as little (just take out mistakes and long silence) as you like. I’m happy to adapt to however you like corrections notated or communicated.

Contact me and tell me about your project!

Studio Time

If you are local to San Francisco and want to record in a comfy home environment that isn’t yours, check out TheApiary.Studio.

Debbie’s home studio will cost you less than other studios and get you out of your usual environment, which is often a good thing.

Copy Writing and Editing
  • Technical writing.
  • “Check out why we’re so great” business videos.
  • Instructional design and writing.
  • Punchy, marketing writing.
  • Conversational, natural commercial scripts.
  • Clear, engaging explanations of ideas or processes.
  • Bring personality to the often flat and boring (such as on hold messaging) or keep it flat and boring.

The detailed version.

Debbie started doing corporate training when she was 23 years old in 1995. Her first gig was a short course on writing HTML and not stealing online images, aimed at local school teachers.

Debbie has done a variety of public speaking and corporate training since then including speaking at eBay, PayPal, and UXPA conferences. She also speaks at local meetups.

In April 2016, Debbie released a 9+ hour video series, nearly 80 lessons, on a software product. This was published by O’Reilly Media. She is now working on writing and eventually delivering another video series for O’Reilly.

Debbie can write in many styles and voices.

The software and corporate training tend to call for educational and technical writing, explanations of concepts, processes, steps, and approaches.

Debbie has been working in UX (user experience) for nearly two decades. This is an industry often aimed at the economy of words. With her UX and marketing hat on, Debbie can boil ideas and concepts down to short “punch them in the face” sentences.

Debbie went through pre-med courses in college and worked in a hospital during college summers. She grew up in a family of lawyers. She’s not afraid of big, technical, or medical words or concepts.

She learns quickly and can sound like the expert you need her to be. Need her to do some research or check out what competitors’ copy looks like? She’s on it.

Debbie wrote this website. She hopes you enjoy it.

Vocal Arrangement

Debbie music directed The Amalgamates during college. At the time, they were Tufts University’s only co-ed a cappella group. She did most of their arrangements that year.

If you need vocal arrangements, harmonies written, or ideas for voices as background “instruments,” get in touch!