Debbie Levitt

voice actor, singer, producer

Production & TheApiary.Studio


Welcome to, “The Apiary,” Debbie’s production-quality home studio. Located in a quiet rural village, The Apiary is a large vocal booth Debbie co-designed and had built. This studio contains all the equipment and tools a trainer recording videos, voice actor, or singer could need.

Debbie records, edits, produces, and masters her own work.

Computer and Audio Gear

Inside of vocal booth:

  • Audio Technica 4040 microphone.
  • AKG K240 studio headphones.
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB interface.
  • Android tablet for digital scripts.
  • Toshiba LCD USB screen
  • Logitech webcam
  • Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad mouse
  • Philips Hue adjustable strip lighting
  • Music stand covered in a pillowcase


Outside of vocal booth:

  • Lenovo Y40 gaming laptop (16G RAM, SSD drive)
  • Adobe Audition CC (current subscription)
  • Camtasia Studio

Vocal Booth

Designed and built by my boyfriend and the village carpenter in spring 2018, the vocal booth is designed to be:

  • Large (3′ x 6′) so I can stand, gesture, and really use my whole body.
  • Sound deadening. We used 6cm acoustic insulation, plasterboard, 2cm pyramid foam, and a solid wood door.
  • A fully functional studio (with a monitor, keyboard, and trackpad, I can remotely work the laptop that’s outside of the booth).
  • Visually isolating (I’m not in a closet full of clothes).
  • Vocally warm.


  • Can email, FTP, Dropbox, etc… files in any requested common format.
  • Mailed or overnighted CDs, DVDs, or thumb drives upon request.
  • Live web conference via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Join.Me, or your preferred collaboration tool.
  • ipDTL upon request.

Audio Experience

  • Certificate in audio engineering from Audio Recording Technology Institute, Long Island, NY in 1992.
  • Weekend manager of River Sound, recording studio co-owned by Gary Katz and Donald Fagen, 1993-1995.
  • Tour manager, road manager, and FOH sound engineer for “The Jazz Passengers with Special Guest Vocalist Debbie Harry” summer 1995 European tour.
  • My home studio in the 1990s included Vision sequencing software, Opcode Studio 3 MIDI interface, Alesis Quadraverb GT effects rack, Ensoniq VFX keyboard, and SM58 mic recording to a Tascam 688 MIDIStudio. Still have that machine and all of my tapes!