Debbie Levitt

voice actor, singer, producer


Need lead or background singing for your project? Debbie can sing alto or soprano in pretty much any style other than jazz or hip hop. Debbie also isn’t much of a rapper.

But Debbie has classical training and can easily sing folk, rock, pop, disco, opera, rock opera, Broadway/show tune/concept album, and more.

At karaoke, Debbie likes to sing the songs few¬†can sing well… from Kate Bush (“Wuthering Heights”) to Donna Summer (“Last Dance”) to Sparks (“This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us”).

After her performances, bar patrons and cruise ship passengers who don’t understand what karaoke is often ask, “Were you just singing that or was that pre-recorded?” Others say, “I can’t believe they allow professional singers here!” (sorry) and “You sound better than Kate Bush.” (thank you)

Singing demo coming in late 2018.

Live Singing Videos

In addition to poorly-lit karaoke spots, Debbie can also be found on her motorcycle singing along with the music Bluetooth’ed to her helmet. Here are some live singing videos; no edits, no comping, no autotune, and a few laughs.

Holding Out For A Hero       recorded January 2012

Debbie does a mini-impersonation of Bonnie Tyler without completely killing her voice… while trying not to crack up at the DJ doing interpretive dance.

Fast forward to 02:34 for the bridge of the song.

Debbie can read music.

Debbie has a large singing range.

Lowest note: E3 (D3 on a great day)

Chest voice through: E5 (F#5 on a great day)

Head/opera voice through: D6

You can give her soprano, alto, or tenor parts. Or all of them and she’ll multitrack.

She can sing lead, backup, or both.

Debbie’s voice has many timbres, attitudes, and styles.

Here are some styles in which she can sing.

pop, rock, opera, Baroque, disco, prog goth metal, folk, Broadway, lullaby, dubstep, easy listening, classic rock, Celtic

Singers Debbie is often found impersonating at karaoke include:

Kate Bush, Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry, Olivia Newton-John, Idina Menzel, Bonnie Tyler, Donna Summer, Irene Cara, Annie Lennox, Sarah McLachlan, “Christy” (who sang Ennio Morricone themes), Marcela Bovio, and Anneke van Giersbergen.

Click the pic to check out Debbie's home studio