Debbie Levitt

voice actor, singer, producer

Voice Acting

After a childhood of pretending to be a radio announcer, a life of singing, a career including corporate training, and being asked countless times after answering a phone if she’s real or a recording, Debbie decided to pursue voice acting professionally.

She spent most of 2016 at Voice One in San Francisco learning from Elaine Clark and her team of talented and experienced industry experts.

While Debbie’s voice is most commonly described with adjectives like, “friendly,” “caring,” “warm,” “expert,” and “precise,” she has a flair for fun and comedy that can be added to scripts calling for it.

Commercial Demo

Scripts, engineering, editing, direction, and production by Elaine Clark.

Narration Demo

Scripts by me and Bob Wood. Direction by Bob Wood.

Engineering, editing, and production by me.

Debbie's voice has many timbres, attitudes, and styles.

 Here are some words that fit her, based on the script.

approachable, authoritative, bold, business, calm, caring, casual, classy, comedic, comforting, confident, cute, dry, educational, eLearning, emotional, employee training, energetic, enthusiastic, exciting, explanatory, family, friendly, fun, funny, host, hostess, informal, informed, inspirational, instructional, instructor, interesting, inviting, kind, mature, melodic, memorable, nice, personable, playful, positive, powerful, presentations, professional, proper, relaxing, resonant, sales, sensitive, sensitive, serious, sexy, soft, spokesman, spokesperson, spokeswoman, storyteller, sweet, training, trusted, trustworthy, upbeat, whimsical, warm, youthful

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