Debbie Levitt

voice actor, singer, producer


Scripts, engineering, editing, direction, and production by Elaine Clark. September 2016.

Debbie's voice has many timbres, attitudes, and styles.

Here are some words that fit her, based on the script.

approachable, authoritative, bold, business, calm, caring, casual, classy, comedic, comforting, confident, cute, dry, educational, eLearning, emotional, employee training, energetic, enthusiastic, exciting, explanatory, family, friendly, fun, funny, host, hostess, informal, informed, inspirational, instructional, instructor, interesting, inviting, kind, mature, melodic, memorable, nice, personable, playful, positive, powerful, presentations, professional, proper, relaxing, resonant, sales, sensitive, sensitive, serious, sexy, soft, spokesman, spokesperson, spokeswoman, storyteller, sweet, training, trusted, trustworthy, upbeat, whimsical, warm, youthful

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