Debbie Levitt, Speaker and Trainer

Integrity. Knowledge. Humor. Expertise. Storytelling.

Key Expertise:

  • Customer Experience and User Experience Strategy and Practice
  • Improving Product, Customer Satisfaction, Collaboration, and Culture by Integrating CX and UX Into Organizations, Processes, and Teams
  • How CX and UX processes and tasks can truly be Agile and Lean.


Whether the audience is engineering, product, project, marketing, CX, UX, or other roles, “Raise Your CX IQ” is the cornerstone of Debbie’s presentations and training.

Women of Silicon Valley, May 2019
Full room (~70) for 1-hr interactive workshop.
Photo by Michael O’Donnell

Hi! I’m Debbie Levitt, CEO of Ptype UX Agency

WeAreDevelopers, 2018 in Vienna, Austria (100 in the room)

I love creating aha moments for the attendees! XP Days Ukraine, Kyiv, 2018 (150 in the room)

I’ve been been speaking and training small and large groups of people at private events and public conferences since 1995.

My goal is to engage an audience into forgetting that they own smartphones. I write all of my own material and presentations, and use raw honesty and clever comedy to keep the attendees linked, laughing, listening, and learning.

My presentations and training always include actionable takeaways; I want to make sure the audience has real tips, processes, approaches, or step-by-step activities they can try after the event.

I’m available for keynote speeches, private and corporate training, convention seminars, and conference presentations. I’m less of a “motivational” or “inspirational” speaker and more of an Action Figure. If your audience is looking to create change, fix processes, improve workflows, and boost corporate culture, you’re looking for me.

I’ll happily adapt, customize, or write something from scratch for your organization, event, and needs.

Current Presentations (Can Be Customized in Length and Content)

DevOps ICU: Improving Results by (Correctly) Integrating UX

UX is driving Engineering and Product crazy, a black throwing off timelines and killing ideas. They’re too siloed and not collaborating well. UX doesn’t seem Lean, and popular Agile methodologies haven’t figured out how UX fits in. Can’t anybody make wireframes? Can’t we circumvent or exclude these people?

Your customer only cares about your UX, not 1000 developers or if you were Agile or Lean. Companies are figuring out that UX specialists and the User-Centered Design process are great investments that more than pay for themselves. Recent highly-publicized UX failures remind us that skimping on the UX process can alienate customers, create negative media attention, and burn millions of dollars.

The software development process starts long before developers write their first line of code. Learn how UX fits into Agile, what’s in the black box, and how to improve collaboration and culture.

Available Lengths:

  • Presentations of 30-60 minutes, including live, interactive attendee polls.
  • Interactive workshops with exercises, 60 minutes and higher. 90 minutes and more preferred.
  • Also available as a private corporate training workshop last 1, 1.5, or 2 full days. Raise your UX IQ and get a Certification in UX Process Integration.

Let’s Not Congr-Agile-Ate Ourselves Just Yet

Agile teams and organizations need to focus on so much more than their software development methodology, flavor of Agile, or measurements of agility. If we’re not building what is valuable to and desired by customers, who cares if estimations were accurate, productivity was good, and efficiency was glorious? This is where UX specialists shine and are valuable investments.

Debbie Levitt’s stories of being a 20+ year UX specialist in a Fortune 500 that misunderstood, belittled, circumvented, and overruled User Experience specialists will have you laughing, cringing, and wondering if these disasters are happening in your organization… and if your DevOps are in the intensive care unit.

Available Lengths:

  • Keynote of 30 minutes.

Stop Evangelizing UX – And What To Do Instead

No other role at your company spends time and effort evangelizing themselves. Developers aren’t making PowerPoints to explain to execs why it’s important to hire specialized, trained developers. QA isn’t holding meetings to ask for enough time to cycle through their complete and important process.

It’s just us (UX) and it’s making us look weird and whiny. More importantly, although it’s part of many companies’ UX strategies, it’s rarely working.

This session examines the pitfalls of evangelism and what actions we can take instead. We’ll be focusing on who and how many UX experts we should hire; the role of UX managers and leadership; processes, workflows, and tools; and improving collaboration between UX and our cross-functional teammates.

Available Lengths:

  • Keynote or presentations of 45-60 minutes.

Expertise and Other Presentations

Topics of Expertise Include:

  • CX, UX, Usability, and User-Centered Design
  • How CX Works With Agile, Lean, and Software Development Methodologies
  • CX Research and Testing
  • Improving Processes, Workflows, Staffing, and Resources
  • Adding Rapid UX Prototyping to Your Process
  • Realistic Prototyping with Axure  – Debbie is one of the few trainers on the planet recommended by Axure
  • Remote Work
  • Entrepreneurship

Session Titles Include:

2010 PayPal X Developer Conference

"Better UX design earlier, fewer fixes later."

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Available Worldwide

I’m available to speak, present, and train anywhere that operates in the English language.

I travel on a “clean” American passport and have a work visa and an EU residence permit for Italy. I pass background checks, have never been arrested, and should be able to get in and out of any country.

For paid events and training and/or those offering expense reimbursement, I can offer you either my American or Italian company.

  • Brass Flowers Inc. d/b/a Ptype is a corporation of the State of Arizona. EIN 27-2835859 and in the SAM database as a federal contractor.
  • Ptype S.R.L. is a limited liability entity of the country of Italy. Partita IVA 02748320906.

Contact me about your event or training needs.