Integrity, knowledge, humor, expertise, storytelling.


Live speaking, training, and workshops. On-site, remote, or webinar.



Key Expertise:

  • Customer Experience and User Experience strategy and practice
  • Improving product, customer satisfaction, collaboration, and culture by integrating CX and UX into organizations, processes, and teams
  • How CX and UX processes and tasks can truly be Agile and Lean.
  • Transforming our business by prioritizing product quality and customer value over faster, faster, faster.
  • Applying the Delta CX model to all roles and departments.

Photo: Women of Silicon Valley, May 2019. Full room (~70) for 1-hr interactive workshop. Photo by Michael O’Donnell.

I’ve been been speaking and training small and large groups of people at private events and public conferences since 1995.

WeAreDevelopers, 2018 in Vienna, Austria (100 in the room)

I love creating aha moments for the attendees! XP Days Ukraine, Kyiv, 2018 (150 in the room)

My goal is to engage an audience into forgetting that they own smartphones. I write all of my own material and presentations, and use raw honesty and clever comedy to keep the attendees linked, laughing, listening, and learning.

My presentations and training always include actionable takeaways; I want to make sure the audience has real tips, processes, approaches, or step-by-step activities they can try after the event. 

I’m available for keynote speeches, private and corporate training, convention seminars, and conference presentations, both on-site and remote. 

I’m less of a “motivational” or “inspirational” speaker and more of an Action Figure. If your audience is looking to create change, fix processes, improve workflows, and boost corporate culture, you’re looking for me.

My live remote online training and presentations are nearly as good as “being there.” They have all been designed to use web-based tech whether I’m at your location or a distant but friendly face on a screen. For training workshops (such as my Axure classes), if someone is struggling or needs troubleshooting, we just share their screen so they can get individual help.

I’ll happily adapt, customize, or write something from scratch for your organization, event, and needs.

"Better UX design earlier, fewer fixes later."

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Available Worldwide

I’m available to speak, present, and train anywhere that operates in the English language. I have also been training remotely, webinar-style, for many years. I have a good fiber internet connection in the home office, backed up by an unlimited LTE hotspot as a plan B.

I travel on a “clean” American passport and have a work visa and an EU residence permit for Italy. I pass background checks, have never been arrested, and should be able to get in and out of any country.

For paid events and training and/or those offering expense reimbursement, I can offer you either my American or Italian company.

Brass Flowers Inc. d/b/a Ptype is a corporation of the State of Arizona. EIN 27-2835859 and in the SAM database as a federal contractor.
Ptype S.R.L. is a limited liability entity of the country of Italy. Partita IVA 02748320906.

Contact me about your event or training needs.