Speaking Engagements and Events


2018 included the USA, Canada, Austria, Norway, Serbia, Ireland, Ukraine, and Israel.

2019 included keynotes, workshops, and sessions in the UK, USA, Germany, India, and Sweden.

I put on 100,000 miles each year in 2018 and 2019. I plan to travel again – someday – when it’s safe.

As I speak at over many events, conferences, meetups, and private functions each year, it has become too wild a task to try to list all of them here. Instead, here are some summaries and highlights, excluding private events and training:


Keynotes at American Marketing Association conference, DevOps Pro Europe

UXPX LA, miniVAte VA, IPC, Umbraco Codegarden. Various meetups including Ladies That UX Berlin, RGD, UXPA Cleveland’s World Usability Day. I also organized a 3-day live event called Concentric.

I applied to fewer 2021 events since many events were claiming they would be live in person and I was not yet ready to travel.


Keynote at American Marketing Association conference

UX Copenhagen, Top Talent Summit, UX Crunch at Home, Agile & DevOps West, Agile & DevOps East, UXPA webinar, Technical Agility Conference, DevOps Con London, NDC Tech Town, Agile Business Day, Women In Technology, Outsell Signature Event, and Tech Circus Global Experience Summit.

Various meetups including Ladies That UX Milan, Athens Design Meetup, UXTalk (India), UX Joburg, and CPHUX.

Host and moderator at UserZoom’s State of UX Summit.

I also organized a 1-day live event called Concentric.


Keynotes at BASTA! (Frankfurt), Big Design (Dallas), Remove Forever Summit (online)

MVPDays (online), Lean Agile US (Florida), Agile & DevOps Showcase North (UK), The IA Conference (Florida), Agile India (Bengaluru), CodeMotion (Rome), DevOps Midwest (Missouri), deliver:Agile (Nashville), DevOps Days (Austin), Women of Silicon Valley (San Francisco), Lean + Agile DC, DevSum (Stockholm), Agile and Beyond (Detroit), Webinale (Berlin), We Are Developers (Berlin), DevIt (Thessaloniki), DevOpsCon (Berlin and Munich), NDC Oslo, Woman of Silicon Roundabout (London), BASTA! (Mainz), AgileCamp (Dallas), TechBash (Pocono Manor), Visual Studio Live! (Orlando), various UX meetups.


We Are Developers (Austria), UX Designers Camp (Serbia), DevOps Days (Oslo, Chattanooga, Galway, Tel Aviv), Agile Arizona, XP Days (Ukraine)



eBay Live! (2005-2008), eBay Radio (2009-2012), eBay Developer Conference (2010), PayPal “X” Developer Conference (2010), UXPA Conference (2015 – 2016), ConveyUX (2016).

"The goal is for you to build a fantastic, vetted product ONCE. Can you smell that? That’s the sweet pizza smell of not having to keep rebuilding the same thing over and over because someone keeps changing their mind."

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