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Let’s Not Congr-Agile-Ate Ourselves Just Yet

Closing keynote at BASTA! Frankfurt, Feb 2019. If Agile teams are not building what is valuable to and desired by customers, who cares if estimations were accurate, productivity was good, and efficiency was glorious? My storytelling keynote about being a 20+ year UX specialist in a Fortune 500 that misunderstood,belittled, circumvented, and overruled User Experience specialists will have you laughing, cringing, and wondering if these disasters are happening in your organization…and if your DevOps are in the intensive care unit.

Branding and Marketing for PayPal Developers

4 minutes of clips from my 2010 presentation at the PayPal X Innovate event at Moscone in downtown San Francisco. Includes some fun audience participation.

DevOps ICU: Improving DevOps Results by (Correctly) Integrating UX

My 30 October 2018 25-min presentation at DevOpsDays Oslo. This is the short version of my full 2-day workshop. Learn more at https://DevOps.ICU

Enterprise UX SF – The Four Horsemen of Bad UX®

I spoke at the Enterprise UX Meetup in San Francisco on February 19, 2015. This very casual talk took place at General Assembly.

“The Four Horsemen of Bad UX” name and artwork are a registered trademarks of Brass Flowers Inc. d/b/a Ptype.

"If I said a team’s process is discover, design, build, test, monitor, and iterate, am I talking about UX or am I talking about Software Development? Both; there are great parallels between our processes. We are allies!"

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