Video Clips

I go live on YouTube 2-4 times per week. There is no shortage of mostly unscripted videos where you can see me present topics, interview people, and answer completely live, random, spontaneous questions.

Live Streamed Podcasts Playlist

Over 100 episodes in, the live video podcast focuses on one topic. I often interview an expert, have a panel discussion, or introduce a new model or approach I am working on.

Fan favorites include:

“Conference Sessions and Presentations” Playlist

This includes home studio pre-recorded versions of some of the talks I give at conferences and events. I rewrite these constantly, so assume any version here has already been updated and improved.

Fan favorites include:

“Perspectives” Playlist

This playlist has over 100 videos mostly running 5 minutes and under. They cover one topic or question I tend to hear.


"Nobody wants to continuously deploy junk."

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