Rider and Details

A/V Needs

  • Headset wireless microphone, please. 2nd choice would be a lav mic.
  • I bring a Surface Pro laptop, which uses a Mini Display connector. Projector should have cables or adapters for that or for full-sized HDMI.
  • I bring my own PowerPoint remote.
  • I normally don’t give my slides out to attendees. Please check with me before doing so.

Dietary Requirements

  • I’m badly allergic to fish, caffeine, red wine, and red wine vinegar. I can eat shellfish but if it’s been hanging around with fish, please don’t bother.
  • In the USA, I am gluten free.
  • If you’re getting me a treat, I prefer dark chocolate and don’t believe in hazelnuts.

Travel Reimbursement and Booking

  • I prefer to book my own travel and be reimbursed.
  • If you are booking something for me, let’s please collaborate on that as I do have some specific hotel, flight, and transportation requests.
  • If your event or training is outside of North American or the EU, please let me know if I need a visa to arrive in your country for business purposes. I travel on an American passport but have a residence permit for Italy.

Mode of Dress

  • My normal speaking or training outfit is a golf shirt with an embroidered logo, jeans, and hiking boots.
  • If your event or place of business requires something more dressed up, please warn me early.