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Tatjana Zavadja, Founder & Organizer of UX Designers Camp
It was a great honor, pleasure, and privilege to have Debbie Levitt speak at UX Designers Camp my team organized in October 2018. She’s an experienced UX designer who has so much to share about her personal practice and give a valuable advice on career steps of fellow designers. I personally learned so much from her and would recommend her both as a mentor and speaker.

Debbie is very organized, always prepared with well-structured presentations, lots of real-life examples to tell the story and make it easy to follow her speech. When I contacted her to join us for UX Designers Camp she was all in and happy to provide office hours for fellow designers who wanted mentorship and feedback. I also had a session with her and was impressed with how deeply she goes into the topic to be able to give a good feedback, but also to ask smart questions that will help me make better design decisions.

She also got good reviews from other participants on her presentation skills. We would be happy to host Debbie anytime again as our guest speaker because we enjoy her company and believe she brings a lot of value to our design education goals.

Bryan Solan, Organizer of DevOpsDays Galway
Debbie was a pleasure to have as a speaker and attendee at DevOpsDays Galway. As well as being a thoroughly polished speaker and presenter with great experience and insight to share in the area of UX, she was present and fully engaged with attendees for the full event which helped in making it a great success.
Dave Kawula, Founder of MVPDays.com
Dave tweeted during my session, “Great session on right now by @DevopsIcu. This is spot on with every site I have been at. Great job Debbie.”

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@enricaopesare 23 Mar 2019

UX and DevOps… together at #CodemotionRome19 with @DevopsIcu

@sonarc 19 Mar 2019

Agile principles that support good #UX@DevopsIcu#AgileIndia2019

@robscottsays 15 Mar 2019

“Hands up who has super secret powers of persuasion? Of course, you’re UX people, we ALL have super secret powers of persuasion!” Thoroughly enjoyed Debbie Levitt from @PtypeUX with “Stop Evangelising UX – and what to do instead” #iac19

@marianazo 15 Mar 2019

“Stop making art the gate for UX” – Debbie Levitt @PtypeUX en @theiaconf “No todos tienen que ser diseñadores. No todo el mundo puede hacer UX. UX es una especialidad única, no pidas que además ilustren”

@johnoneillsr 30 Jan 2019

Thanks for that rockstar session, great useful info! I know I’m going to take advantage of it.

@k04a 7 Dec 2018

It is actually important to do it right on the very first try: @DevopsIcu at #xpdays on why UX is important to account for right from the start of your project.

Aidan Gill, 21 Nov 2018

Excellent talk Debbie Levitt Time for an agile practitioner and developer to understand UX better….. PS… Not to do your job. #devopsdaysgalway

@dessskris 20 Nov 2018

Eye-opening talk from Debbie Levitt at @DevOpsDaysGal about integrating UX into DevOps. We forget how much UX is integral to what we’re building, after all it’s what our customers see. Terrible UX and they go “who built this f-ing useless thing??” Invest in UX! #DevOpsDaysGalway

@pflima92 20 Nov 2018

Was awesome hear from about how come Ux is important to empower your DevOps and then aggregate value for your customers.

@cacorriere 13 Nov 2018

Interactive crowd survey from @DevopsIcu was a nice touch. Awesome talk!

@TheNANDCat 30 Oct 2018

#devops #DevOpsDays A minimum viable presentation by @DevopsIcu about UX and it’s importance @devopsdaysoslo.The goal is to build a fantastic project once. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Really inspiring!

@pati_gallardo 30 Oct 2018

Enjoying Debbie Levitt talk on UX in DevOps 🤓 @DevopsIcu at #devopsdaysoslo

@beddari 30 Oct 2018

The V in MVP in UX design is … “valuable”: Minimum Valuable Product Pretty important balance to find! Interesting look into a not-as-common topic at #devopsdays Oslo by @DevopsIcu

@alexanderlystad 30 Oct 2018

Listening to @DevopsIcu presenting what may be the most relevant talk to me personally at @devopsdaysoslo – UX is also part of DevOps which in many ways is just a fancy word for cross-functional teams #devops #DevOpsDays


Event Survey Response

This was a very enlightening presentation on how UX is part of the development process and not just an add-on.


Event Survey Response

I highly recommend watching this talk  to understand the importance of UX, what it is (its not just about prototypes and wireframes) and the process of implementing it.


Event Survey Response

A lot of charisma and energy. It makes me reevaluate our collaboration with the UX team. Great slides.


Event Survey Response

Great talk especially for me because I was involved in that development loop with repeated feature redeveloping because customers changed their mind. I hope it’s a solution for preventing such problems in the future.

"In the fast vs good battle, UX will always pick good over fast… and you should too."

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